The end of the road, a longer-than-usual nude segment. Allie starts out topless, seated, talking about her spare time activities: animal shelters, wildlife recovery, drawing, making videos, guitar. Then she stands, and we see her long, slim body as she slips the grey underpants off. She says she gets compliments on her butt, so we take a second look at that. And then we chase down her last, surprise tattoo. Goodbye to Allie’s sunny smile.

All in the video gallery right now.

Today Allie reveals that she has never done anything like this before. What did she expect from the session? Well, she didn’t expect it to be “so welcoming.” Ah, we try to be nice. And because we are nice, Allie will unclasp the front of her bra, holding it in place for a while before releasing it, and then her hands, to show–almost–her delicately shaped chest.

It’s such a hot summer that our models are understandably not wearing many layers. Not much to unpeel. Allie will be down to her bra and pants when the dress comes off, so we have her remove it slowly, dropping it from her shoulders to show her bra and navel. Today we find out about the time she went to a movie show with a friend and realized at some point that her top had fallen down and things were just…hanging out. Members will get a better idea of what that would look like: tomorrow.

Allie recently got comfortable showing her legs in public, and will wear short shorts in the summer. She hems her own dresses too, so they’re sometimes too short – and she kind of shows us. At night she’ll wear a low cut top with her shorts, sometimes a strapless one. “They fall off pretty easily…” We’ll find out more about that, once we figure out how to remove her summer dress.

Allie: Day One

You meet an attractive young woman for the first time. She’s bright, friendly, likeable, and then she starts to remove her clothes. Slow Exposure is the best idea in the world. Let’s start learning about Allie today, a student of …


Nicole in the Video Gallery

Nicole turns away again as she slips off the Baby Phat panties. Finally we see everything from this slim, toned model. The future? She’d like to do some design and she’d like to be in Vogue. Probably not dressed like …


Nicole: Day Three

The good news is that Nicole managed to get her feet back from behind her head! Let’s look elsewhere, because we should be interested in what’s under her vest too. Would you expect a slim, flat, toned stomach? Well, let’s …


Nicole: Day Two

Nicole doesn’t need to do much to stay in shape – but she does run track. She has the long legs of a runner, or indeed a model, and today we are going to see them. She does fitness modeling …


Nicole: Day One

Another week, another girl to be slowly exposed. Nicole looks so young, especially dressed casual in her Aeropostale jacket and jeans, but she’s an eighteen year old catwalk and fitness model. And she is very fit, as we’ll see. She’s …


Simone in the Video Gallery

You know where to find her, yes? This tall, long-limbed, restless rover. Share some final laughs with her, and see her naked, in the video gallery right now.