A beautiful Bushwick native this week, although she’s lived in Florida and Georgia. Back home, she serves in a restaurant, working her way through a liberal arts degree at school. She’s kind of tall–5’9–and her clothes must come off.

Eliza covers herself with a hand after her pants are off, just “in the front,” and tells us about her acting training, but we persuade her to show us. Would she do a nude scene on stage? “I wouldn’t mind, I’m not doing anything wrong.” She certainly isn’t.

We start out with some slight aureola slips, and Eliza has to adjust her bra. Then we talk about what she does for fun. What she does for us is take the bra off.

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Our pocket-sized beauty from Ecuador is starting to hint at the toned body under that sheath dress. How does she keep it in shape? Running, and she’s just joined a gym, and you can see under her dress as her sandals come off. Time for the dress to come off.

Eliza: Day Two

Eliza’s aspirations are a little complicated too, but movie acting is her dream job, and in the mean-time she’s just got a contract with a modeling agency. Oh, and she wants to go back to school, and she’s really interested …


Eliza: Day One

Eliza’s life story is complicated, and a little hard to follow at first. She’s from Ecuador, with Colombian and Peruvian blood. She spent six years in Chicago, in foster care. Went back to Ecuador, and re-appeared in New York earlier …


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