Glenna’s climax today – that’s the only way to put it. This amazing young woman gives up the last of her modesty for you in her first ever – maybe her last? – nude modeling experience. She’s smart, friendly, pretty, and handling this so well. She looks away momentarily when asked to pull down her briefs, but she does so and then quickly covers up with her hands. She has some stories for us about getting down to her scanties at a strange party – she actually finds Slow Exposure more comfortable. Members only will find out whether she is a natural blond (okay, you guessed already, right?).

Glenna is almost ready for her finals, as she turns, unclips her bra, then faces us again covering a breast with each hand. She admits to liking the size of her breasts, but has reservations about them. Well, never argue with a woman about her body image. Her chest, as members will see, is quite spectacular. We take a close look, and also at her muscled stomach and long, strong legs. She has never modeled before, never done anything like this – but finds the experience “surprisingly comfortable.”

Unpeeling our pretty blond student is properly underway now, as she strips off her jeans and stands in her black vest and panties. Time to talk about swimsuit issues, and how she keeps her bountiful curves properly contained in a bikini. Answer: she doesn’t. She’s had lots of problems with falling out. Embarrassing? “Yes, horrible.” And as she undresses to her underwear, we can see just what Glenna in a bikini would look like. Wonderfully hourglass, with nicely defined abs.

What does Glenna do to entertain herself (as she removes her shoes)? Concerts, music – especially doo-wop. As she removed her shoes, it was hard not to notice her generous cleavage. Maybe she’ll just lean forward again to show us? In hot weather, she gives up the skinny jeans for skirts or shorts. Time to start unfastening the jeans.

Glenna: Day One

Oh Glenna, our young, blonde, curvy model of the week. A student, almost fresh to New York from her Boston home, and a true first-timer. She never planned anything like this. Does she look a little nervous? A little, at …


Adriana: Day Five

“I think this would be a good opportunity for you to take your clothes off.” “Okay. First time for everything” And she does. Everything. And then we keep her talking.


Adriana: Day Four

As we know, Adriana insists on saving up her complete nakedness until the end. Today we chat about what she wears in the warm weather–shorts, but “I keep it classy.” At the beach, she’ll wear a bikini, “or nothing.” Yes, …


Adriana: Day Three

As Adriana continues to relax in the chair, we talk about her travels. Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Miami… She dreams of visiting Europe. We’re just waiting for her to stand up and start undressing.


Adriana: Day Two

Before becoming a young mother and full-time care giver, Adriana was an office manager. She’s thinking of going to school, but right now it sounds like her family’s keeping her busy. Keep watching.


Adriana: Day One

Lovely eyes, lovely mouth–fresh-faced Adriana told us she wanted to do this a different way. It didn’t feel right to her to undress while talking. She wanted to have the conversation first; then strip off. Okay by us…but she’s going …