Welcome this bombshell blonde from Pennsylvania, book keeper and vintage auto fanatic Stephanie. And imagine what you’re going to see this week.

Spend the long weekend in our video gallery, with Luscious and twenty-two other guests, all fully nude.

Full segment, in the video gallery right now.

Her shirt and shorts go today, as she reveals she’s one of those lucky women who has never had a problem with a nipple or boob escaping. Why? Because they’re small. “They just stay in there and keep their mouths shut.”

Luscious: Day Two

As Luscious unfastens those denim shorts, we hear about the piercings she once had, and why she got them (it’s the spice in her).



Meet Luscious, Bronx born and bred, and an absolute first-timer when it comes to anything like Slow Exposure. She’s studying for a bacherlors in hospitality, and she’s wearing very short denim shorts.


Mariella: Day Five


A fitting finale for Mariella’s Slow Exposure. Standing in just her briefs, she tells us about a visit to a nudist beach with a boyfriend. So she’s comfortable here? “In a scale of one to ten, I’d say…7.3.” Okay, and …


Mariella: Day Four


So sweet, Mariella perches on the famous pink chair in her smallest garments and tells us the story of losing her bikini top in the pool one day and her male friend’s reaction. Then one of the highlights of 2010 …


Mariella: Day Three

A long, fun segment to brighten up your day. We take Mariella from fully dressed to her bra and panties and get her to do some dancing for us (with her belly showing). Members are going to see some even …


Mariella: Day Two

The conversation hots up today as we talk about Mariella’s passion for volleyball. Of course, we don’t just talk about the sport but what she wears when she’s playing. A sports bra is important. And when the shorts are too …