Hard not notice that we can see right down Jessie’s top. This takes us into a conversation about a great topic: Jessie’s breasts and her underwear. She claims to be small (we’ll soon see she’s a lovely shape) and often doesn’t wear a bra at all. For a moment it looks like she’s not wearing pants as she eases out of her shorts. Don’t panic. It’s a thong. And a lovely view for members and non-members.

We’re lucky. We just caught Jessie before she heads south. Back and forth between Puerto Rico and New York she just got a job in South Carolina and was about to leave town when we filmed her. Brainy? Yes she is, she’s in bio-chemistry research. You might forget that when she starts to unfasten her shorts.

As Jessie begins her Slow Exposure, there’s no mystery about her legs. On a warm day, she shows up wearing a tiny pair of shorts. You can see how lean and long-limbed she is. And you’ll be seeing a lot more. She’s a born New Yorker of mixed heritage but spent her childhood in Puerto Rico. She’s spending this week with us.


Understandably, Bridget has gotten compliments and comments on her stunning figure. She brushes her hair back now, and I ask her to completely remove her underpants. Her chest trembles as she places her hands over her sex and turns to face the camera, fully nude. “I’ve never done any kind of photography or video work…” We are truly honored, then, to see everything, as she finally opens her hands.

This content was created exclusively for the Slow Exposure, and you can see it nowhere else. Days One to Three are free: her nakedness is in the video gallery.

Bridget Shows Her Breasts


Bridget has never done anything like this before. She hasn’t even sunbathed topless – she say she could, if everyone else was doing it. Do you think she might attract attention? We pan down her long, toned body as she …


Bridget: Day Three

Here’s Bridget, a history student, who likes her hair…but not really anything else about her body! That’s what she says, and we just shake out heads in amazement. Great legs, a natural bust many women would pay for, a lovely …


Bridget: Day Two

I don’t know why Bridget doesn’t have shorter skirts in her wardrobe – her legs look long in those red pants. She shows me how short she’ll go, tugging her white tee-shirt back into place when it rides up a …


Bridget: Day One

Bridget has the sweetest smile. She’s a transplant from southern Calfornia, and fresh from her college graduation. She writes, she reads, she walks in the city, she belly dances! She does yoga too, but I can’t get her throw a …


Ali O’ in the Video Gallery


To see Ali’s final unveilings, you need to visit the video gallery right about now. Her bra dropped and her full breasts and nipples exposed, Ali reveals a couple of the lookalike comments she gets: Drew Barrymore, and–one we can …


Ali O’: Day Four

That vest comes off and we can appreciate Ali’s lovely curves. She throws a simple yoga pose in her black bra and underwear. Could she imagine doing a nude scene as part of her acting career? “That’s exactly how I’m …