Full of surprises, when Juliet Rose removes her shirt, she’s already experiencing a significant nipple slip. “I’m sorry about this bra. This bra isn’t really my size.” She spills out, in the video gallery.

Juliet Rose is an enigma. Slip the pants off. “Slip them?” Slide them off. “All the way?” What do you do for a living? “I can’t tell anyone.” And what’s all this about…The House of Fetish?

Mysterious, mysterious, Juliet Rose. “I don’t have any Latino blood; mostly just Jamaican and Indian.”

Shy? Giggly? Reluctant? A strange girl, Juliet Rose. A lifetime New Yorker. Do you like it here? “I hate it.”

A Slow Exposure Special: A Dream of Melany


It’s in the video gallery: full length. Don’t miss this.


A Slow Exposure Special: A Dream of Melany


Members will be seeing Melany’s full clip tomorrow: undressing, stretching, nude: in the video gallery.


A Slow Exposure Special: A Dream of Melany


Available in the video gallery Friday: the full clip of this special session with Melany.


A Slow Exposure Special: A Dream of Melany


This week on Slow Exposure, behind the scenes with wonderful Melany. The full length clip appears in the video gallery Friday.


A Slow Exposure Special: A Dream of Melany


A young college athlete agreed to do something different and special for Slow Exposure. Remember, this is not a professional model, but the real thing. The full-length clip will be available from Friday in the video gallery.


Ayesha in the Video Gallery


Ayesha is so petite, and she uses one hand to protect each of her breasts. Then she shows us: “They’re small, right?” They’re really pretty, and so she’s. All of her. In the video gallery now.