This week’s shy guest is only appearing in the members’ video gallery: but you really shouldn’t miss it. All there right now.

After talking about the challenges of the New York dating scene, Eva confesses to some sunburn–you’ll see a couple of pink patches–but it’s not from the beach: it’s from overexposure in a tanning salon! As she gets down to her two piece underwear, we see no tattoos.

Our willowy fashion designer with killer legs crosses them to take her shoes off. She tells us it’s her first time doing anything like this–she thought it would be “interesting.” Park Avenue sees her every day, working as an assistant to fashion designers. She certainly attracts attention around the city with her height and beauty: “I need to look presentable.” And as a loud siren goes slowly the past the window, she shows the legs.

This week, our shy guest can be seen only in the video gallery: day two is there right now.

A little different this week. Our guest is very striking, very beautiful, and very shy. See her segments daily, only in the video gallery. Not to be missed.

Eva, long-haired, short-skirted, is from Poland via Wisconsin, and she’s here for her dreams and fashion. She studied fashion design, she’s 5’9, and she’s done some modeling–she’s looking to work as a designer and model.

Ivy struggles with the hooks at the back of her bra, but eventually it goes and she modestly covers herself with one hand. What’s that little tattoo on her shoulder? She shows her breasts and uses both hands to cover her sex once her briefs are off. See it all in the video gallery right now.

Ivy: Day Four

After examining some results of self-tattooing, Ivy starts slowly unbuttoning her dress. She’s a topless sunbather when she gets a chance, and it’s time for her to be topless here.


Ivy: Day Three

As Ivy peels down the very tight shorts, it’s impossible not to notice the cleavage and bra which shows down the front of her dress. And has her dress ever accidentally blown up. Oh yes, and we hear about it. …


Ivy: Day Two

“The dress is so short, I don’t feel really comofrtable walking around wearing just underwear.” That explains the glimpse of black shorts we just caught under the hem of Ivy’s light summer frock. At the same time, “I don’t feel …


Ivy: Day One

Here’s long-legged Ivy in a pretty summer dress. She’s from California, although the story of where she’s been (New Orleans) and how she got here turns out to be complicated. She’s a tall girl, 5’11, but hasn’t professionally modeled, or …


Janelle in the Video Gallery

“Can I reveal?” asks Janelle, and drops her hands to show her small, pretty breasts. No tattoos, no current piercings, and as she slides her briefs off and stands fully naked, she talks about working corporate events as a circus …


Janelle: Day Four

Janelle sits in the chair in her underwear, knee under her chin, quite revealingly, and tells us about what she wears for the aerial act. Hear the story about a skin-tight outfit she was especially proud of which developed a …