And Crystal is in trouble right away. See the entire segment in the video gallery from Friday.

There are members who just can’t get enough of Laurie. See what we put her through this time. Twister is coming back to the video gallery on Friday. Two previous guests, dueling for their modesty on the mat.


So there is Laurie, trapped behind this tiny towel, stark naked. What a great way to begin. We like the way her elaborated necklaces dangle between her breasts. Time to drop that little towel. “To my feet?” Yes. “Okay.” She grits her teeth and does so. She’s still half covering herself with her hands so we ask her to raise her hands above her head and slowly turn around. And we leave the camera running as she makes a grab for her clothes!

The moment of Slow Exposure truth approaches for our young student. Not that this will literally be the first time her top has come off in public. Listen to the sad story of the water slide. Laurie protects her modesty with a small towel as she unfastens and removes her black bra. We will have to talk her carefully into lowering it just enough to see her beautiful breasts. But not before she has quickly slipped her briefs down (in the video gallery tomorrow).

Laurie: Day Three

A nice long segment today as we work through Laurie’s fascinating buttons. We find out first that she’s done the classic Marilyn Monroe walking over an air vent, and in a thong too, and we get her to recreate it …


Laurie: Day Two

Are you looking at Laurie’s beautiful eyes or her pretty knees? Or are you trying to look down her dress to see if she really is wearing a bra? We are counting the buttons on that shirt-dress and trying to …


Laurie: Day One

Here’s the girl of the week, Laurie. She’s 21 years old, she’s a student, and she’s never done anything quite like this before. Her face is lovely, and we suspect she’s lovely under that fascinating button-up dress too.


The Women of September: Blonde Renee

She’s a blondie, dressed in black, but it’s all coming off in the video gallery this month.


The Women of September: Sexy Stella

Yes, smooth, subtle, sexy Stella. Joining the fifty models rotating into the video gallery this week.


The Women of September: Pretty Paloma

Oh Paloma’s hair is long, so long. She has a little hair between her legs too, as members can see in the video gallery.