Understandably, Bridget has gotten compliments and comments on her stunning figure. She brushes her hair back now, and we ask her to completely remove her underpants. Her chest trembles as she places her hands over her sex and turns to face the camera, fully nude. “I’ve never done any kind of photography or video work…” We are truly honored, then, to see everything, as she finally opens her hands.

This content was created exclusively for the Slow Exposure, and you can see it nowhere else. Days One to Three are free: her nakedness is in the video gallery.


Bridget has never done anything like this before. She hasn’t even sunbathed topless – she say she could, if everyone else was doing it. Do you think she might attract attention? We pan down her long, toned body as she flicks open the strap of her bra, then uses her hands to support her voluptuous chest and cover her nipples. For a moment, it looks like she’s tossing her long hair forward, hoping it will fall and conceal her breasts. It’s not long enough.

Members only will see this first-timer as she releases her hands and is topless. And what lies beneath those briefs?

Here’s Bridget, a history student, who likes her hair…but not really anything else about her body! That’s what she says, and we just shake out heads in amazement. Great legs, a natural bust many women would pay for, a lovely belly, and the sweet smile to go with it. Her exceptional breasts will be exposed tomorrow.

I don’t know why Bridget doesn’t have shorter skirts in her wardrobe – her legs look long in those red pants. She shows me how short she’ll go, tugging her white tee-shirt back into place when it rides up a couple of times. She prefers vintage fashions. Well, look at the Betty Page hair. Betty Page was famous for posing nude, of course. But all I’ll do today is ask Bridget to move her clothes a little. Unfasten her pants to show the top of her underwear; tie the shirt up to show her belly.

Bridget: Day One

Bridget has the sweetest smile. She’s a transplant from southern Calfornia, and fresh from her college graduation. She writes, she reads, she walks in the city, she belly dances! She does yoga too, but I can’t get her throw a …


Christy: Day Four

You are not going to believe this segment. Members will find Christy starting this day with one sweet breast cupped safely in each hand, her smooth, pale stomach and thighs bare. She moves her hands, and we chat about keeping …


Christy: Day Three

Okay, let’s take the pants off then; and after she does, she tells us about a little mishap with her bikini top. We strip Christy to her black lingerie; then it’s important to investigate her bikini mishap further. Imagine this …


Christy: Day Two

Goodmorning Christy, what a pretty top, and can we unzip those pants please? She says that when she dresses she “likes to leave more to the imagination.” This is where we bridge the gap from imagination to reality. “I don’t …


Christy: Day One

Here’s Christy, pretty red hair and pretty red scarf, moistening her lips with her tongue as she takes us through the layers she’s wearing against the winter cold. She’s a traveler, between jobs right now, and her hobby is photography …


Yvonne: Day Five

Although Yvonne had taken a couple of nude photos for fun in the past, she has never done anything like this before. She carefully peels her colorful panties down, keeping a hand over he privates. How does she feel? “It …