I think anyone can see that Annika is wearing nothing underneath that thin vest. So, before we come face to face with her nudity, we ask her to hold a silky robe against her breasts as she removes the undergarment. “I hope it doesn’t fall off.” That’s as far as we can get without exposing Annika’s chest – that will be coming up for members only, tomorrow.

Annika, a former ballet dancer, talks lucidly about her exercise routine – and because she takes care of her abs, we ask to see them. Her legs go on forever as she slowly removes her tight jeans. Then we get into some sweet stories about, well, wardrobe malfunctions. Imagine her top falling right down (hey, we’re getting ahead to Thursday already).

Annika, an intense artist, musician and model, has piercings and tattoos to show off, and we are going to see all of them this week. Originally from Boston, Annika is into the downtown arts scene in New York, and keeps busy go-go dancing.

With this body, why isn’t Catharine modeling? She’s thought about it, but she’s short of time, and she’s not “passionate” about the idea. What she does love is poetry, and she’s been writing since she was a child. What better way to finish this slow exposure than with a naked poetry reading?

Catharine: Day Four


Now Catharine is down to lingerie, we can see how glorious her body is. And we think she has a lookalike (check below). She fumbles to keep herself covered as she drops her bra, but eventually drops her hands. Unmissable. …


Catharine: Day Three

Catharine’s cute blue lace thong doesn’t cover much, especially as she turns around. She likes her legs–why not? On her birthday this year, she went to a nude beach; she went topless, but not full nude. She’s saving that for …


Catharine: Day Two

Catharine doesn’t have to work too hard to maintain her lean figure; it runs in the family–who, by the way, would be totally surprised to know she was doing this. Why did she do the shoot? “It seemed more explorative, …


Catharine: Day One

A beautiful Bushwick native this week, although she’s lived in Florida and Georgia. Back home, she serves in a restaurant, working her way through a liberal arts degree at school. She’s kind of tall–5’9–and her clothes must come off.


Aris: Day Five


Does Aris remind you of a masked wrestler? Not really, with that slim, pretty body. She would like her future to be a mix of modeling and dabbling in fashion design. Then she gives it all up, dropping her arms …


Aris: Day Four


Fewer mysteries about Aris today as — oops — there go her underpants. We have to get her to lift her shirt at the back so we can glimpse the mystery booty. She has never sunbathed topless; wouldn’t be comfortable …