The second day of this hot marathon begins with a quick examination of Rosie’s underwear, like the front-fastening bra which sometimes gets stuck. Her top stays hitched up as she talks about her “Dr Who” fascination; then we get a nice preview of her rear in lacy, sheer panties. We’ll see more of that later.

“I have the legs,” says Rosie. Understatement of the day.

Here’s an amazing woman with plenty of stories to tell. She is a trained classical actress, she has done some modeling, she’s a quirky singer-songwriter active on the wizard rock circuit. She’s a gamer, a sci-fi fan, a gadget freak (she calls herself Rosie Gadget). Believe us, from her endless legs to her topless sword-fighting (oh yes!) this is going to be a fabulous week.

Just to keep you warm this weekend, we’ve released Amanda’s complete, full nude segment in the members’ video gallery. Nowhere else will you see a stunning amateur first-timer, ballet dancer and college student, quite like this.

Amanda reveals she was born in China, but brought almost immediately to the United States where she grew up. Her hands tremble and flutter once the thong is off. Is she going to keep her sex covered? Will she reveal it? Will she cover it again? And isn’t that dancer’s body flawless?

Oh, she’s breathtakingly down to her smalls, and that lithe, sinewy dancer body also has some curves. Perhaps she’d just unclip her bra.

Amanda: Day Three

To make a living, Amanda sells shots and offers bottle service in clubs. To help the tips, she wears crop tops—like the one we’ve seen here—and mini-skirts. “And heels, always heels.” Do customers get too friendly? “Occasionally.” For fun she …


Amanda: Day Two

Amanda trained in ballet from the age of three. At 5’2 she knows she won’t be a prima, but her resume is very impressive, including the Bolshoi, the American Ballet Theater, and the Gelsey Kirkland academy. Quite separately from dance, …


Amanda: Day One

Here’s slim. pretty Amanda from Connecticut, in the city to study visual arts, but her heart is in dance. She’s been a ballet dancer since childhood, and has the svelte shape to show for it. As we’ll see. But first …


Foxy for August

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The Women of August: Janelle

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