Members can see Megan’s full clip, with very full nudity, in the video gallery right now.

As Megan slips out of her bra, one of her nipples slips briefly from the protection of her arms; then she adjusts to cover up and uses her hands with spread fingers to protect her modesty. When we see her breasts, they’re delightful, and she looks down at them as if surprised. As we talk about her plans future she almost absent-mindedly steps out of her briefs, and stands naked, pale and beautiful.

Standing casually, plucking at her loose blouse, Megan talks about short skirts and shorts until we ask to her unfasten her tight denims. Talking about crop tops leads her absent-mindedly to lift her top, flashing her navel. Then the pants come down, and they’re so tight that, like the boots, Megan has a struggle to shrug them off. Turning around, we can’t see much because her top hangs low at the back. Less so at the front, and her panties look…very snug.

Our pale-complexioned South Carolina girl has run into a big problem with her slow exposure. It’s not that she doesn’t want to undress–she just can’t. At least, not unless she can get those boots off, because the skin-tight jeans outlining her legs aren’t going to come off over them. So she works away at the broken zips, all the time giving fabulous glimpses of her breasts as she bends forwards.

Pale, wonderfully pretty Megan, with her revealing scoop-necked top and warm smile, is a student–an illustration major. There’s only one problem as far as we’re concerned. She can’t get her boots off. But we can see right down her shirt.

Crystal S in the Video Gallery

Here’s a first introduction to another of the girls of July, fully available in the video gallery right now.


Here’s more of Ali O’

We have the fifty girls of July all available in the video gallery right now. Singer Ali is one of them, and if you want to see what happens when the vest comes fully off, followed by the bra and …


The Girls of July Are Here

Forty already in the video gallery, ten more coming on the next bus. Refresh yourselves, for instance, with the blonde beauty of Ali O’.


Allie in the Video Gallery

The end of the road, a longer-than-usual nude segment. Allie starts out topless, seated, talking about her spare time activities: animal shelters, wildlife recovery, drawing, making videos, guitar. Then she stands, and we see her long, slim body as she …


Allie: Day Four

Today Allie reveals that she has never done anything like this before. What did she expect from the session? Well, she didn’t expect it to be “so welcoming.” Ah, we try to be nice. And because we are nice, Allie …


Allie: Day Three

It’s such a hot summer that our models are understandably not wearing many layers. Not much to unpeel. Allie will be down to her bra and pants when the dress comes off, so we have her remove it slowly, dropping …