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Meet Emily, tall (5’9) and shapely. Well, there’s a shape under that big shirt she’s wearing. We almost didn’t recognize her, with her kaleidoscope hair, inspired by movies in which heroines undergo drastic changes. Currently: yellow, pink, purple, and “I added some lime green at the last minute.”

Ayesha is so petite, and she uses one hand to protect each of her breasts. Then she shows us: “They’re small, right?” They’re really pretty, and so she’s. All of her.

Ayesha: Day Four


You see, the reason you need to go the video gallery to see Ayesha without her shirt, is that when she starts lifting it up and flipping it around, you’ll discover that her underwear is probably more see-thru than she …


Ayesha Delayed by Video Platform


Update: 1.30pm EST–good to go now. Ayesha’s next episode is all set up, but our video platform Vimeo is currently failing: not just us, all accounts. We’ll get the content to you as soon as we can.


Ayesha: Day Three

We see flashes of stomach and underwear under that floaty top after Ayesha slides the tight pants down to show her wonderful dancer’s legs. Or should have been dancer’s legs: she gave it up, as we hear–just too much boring …


Ayesha: Day Two

This beautiful, slender girl tells us what she’s wearing–what she’ll be removing–then unlaces her Doc Martens while she talks about her plans for after college.


Ayesha: Day One

“Hi, I’m Ayesha, I’m from New Jersey, and what else do you want to know?” Is it your first time doing anything like this? Smiles, and dimples: “Yes.”


Women of September: Twister

Need something to do this weekend? How about cruising through ten episodes of hilarious, hot strip-Twister with two of our favorite women?