She’s so pretty, lovely eyes, and what a body–as members will see when the towel finally drops.

This beautiful guest takes you through some of her ball skills.

Members can at last see just exactly what Mandy was keeping inside her thong. In the video gallery.


Mandy was a ballet dancer when she was younger and she still gets compliments on her posture. We certainly like her posture when she stands in her underwear using her arms to cover her bare chest. She’s comfortable with her nakedness. As she says, her body is strong, it has what she calls “structure.” She likes being a little bit “muscular.” Oh, and she has curves to, as members can see.

Mandy: Day Three

Pretty Mandy sits there with her naked knees, her hand demurely in her lap, with no idea how much she showed while bending forward. She wriggles out of her skirt, and turns around, and because she’s wearing a thong, she’s …


Mandy: Day Two

We chat about body painting first -Mandy not only paints people; she’s allowed herself to be painted too – and about her Burning Man passion – no, she hasn’t been yet. Asking her to take her socks off seems innocent, …


Mandy: Day One

Another red head (or at least, currently red head – “It changes a lot”) joins us on a very rainy night. Mandy is a recent arrival in the city, although she was born upstate. It was pretty cold as well …


Also in the Video Gallery

If you missed her, magical Amanda is still there: full clip, full nudity.


In the Video Gallery Now

Did you miss Veronica?


Angela in the Video Gallery

Angela’s full exposure, all her nudity, in the video gallery right now.