Nothing left except the black briefs (which she almost pulled down by accident already). She removes them, covers herself with both hands, then tries to use one hand to continue to shield her breasts. Time to relax and see everything from this wonderful, creative woman (wow, she hurries to get dressed again!).


Leilani looks like she wants to just disappear on the spot as she takes off her shirt, showing her spectacular figure. She wears one-piece swimsuits because, well, it’s hard to get a top which fits well. She’s never been to a topless beach, but she’ll be topless today for Slow Exposure members.

In the video gallery.

As Leilani finishes tugging her pants off, we hear how she was embarrassed once when she fell off her bike and landed with her skirt hitched up over her butt. She seems just a little embarrassed in today’s segment, her fingers fluttering as she pulls at the buttons on her shirt, slowly beginning to expose her stomach and her cleavage. She tells us she has never done anything like this before. You can start to get an idea of the wonderful body members will see more of tomorrow.

As we chat with Leilani about her art and inspirations, it’s almost impossible to imagine quite what she looks like under that practical Brooklyn-artist outfit; dark pants, a baggy shirt. What is she hiding? We find out that she’ll wear very short dresses in the summer, so we should ask for a glimpse of her underwear. And oh dear, when she tries to slip down her pants, her panties accidentally come down too. Quick, fix that.

Leilani: Day One

A lovely name. It’s Hawaiian. So please meet half-Hawaiian Leilani, slowly exposing herself this week. She’s a video artist, responsible for some fascinating, experimental work. She’s a part-time personal chef. She has never – and when you see these videos …


Abigail: Day Five


Members have seen Abigail’s beautiful breasts, their tips, her strong stomach. Today she is slowly removing her underpants. She steps out of them. She has nothing left to hide, but she rests both hands lightly over her crotch as we …


Abigail: Day Four


Facing away from me, Abigail shows the pretty lace finish on the back of her panties, and the delicate curves of her behind. It’s time for her to remove her bra. It seems to take so much time for the …


Abigail: Day Three

We left Abgail yesterday with her short dress raised to the level of her underpants. So it seemed a good idea to let her finish pulling it off over her head. The bra does match the pants. She has a …


Abigail: Day Two

First, she removes her high-heels. Then listen close and you can hear her breathing from her deep core as she reaches for the sun salutation pose. Striding forward, she can’t prevent her short dress riding up her long, bare legs …


Abigail: Day One

Abigail, born in Brooklyn, is a writer and waitress. She’s active and in wonderful shape – she sent us a photo showing her running on a beach in a small bikini. She loves painting, dancing and running, and she’s a …