This is where you get to see Victoria’s breasts (she likes them; she’s right). In the video gallery.

Charming and quietly spoken, Victoria is wearing a thong. We discover that immediately, then have her remove her shirt while telling us about the time her skirt blew up over a subway vent. Then we learn about her extraordinary work-out routine – five hours on weekdays. No wonder she looks so good. She’s been lucky with her clothes: never a nip slip. Let’s see what we can do about that.

Learn a little more about Victoria, what she likes to do, what brought her from Austria to New York. Also, we try to get her pants unfastened.

Making her debut, new to both New York and Slow Exposure, welcome Victoria. Hear a slight accent? She’s from Austria where she was a ballerina and learned to be…very flexible. As we’ll see.

Sophia: Day Five


Our final day with Sophia, and it’s hard to get her to just drop her hands and let her lovely chest be seen. She is constantly grabbing it and trying to keep it covered. She is much more relaxed about …


Sophia: Day Four


Sophia shimmies down to her lingerie as we start out today, then tells us about an unfortunate incident in a restaurant when her boob was hanging out of her shirt and her boyfriend didn’t tell her. As Sophia peels off …


Sophia: Day Three

It turns out that Sophia has done very little modeling, which comes as a surprise – she’s a natural. In fact she’s fresh from studying – a Master in contemporary art in London – and has worked as a production …


Sophia: Day Two

Sophia doesn’t realise that when she bends forwards we can see right down her top – but she doesn’t care, “I like to provoke.” She sunbathes topless when she can – she’s from Italy of course – but as for …


Sophia: Day One

We’re really lucky to have caught up with Sophia, passing through New York on a temporary three month visa. She’s from Italy, as her accent tells you, but she’s been living in London for some time, working in art galleries. …


Glenna: Day Five


Glenna’s climax today – that’s the only way to put it. This amazing young woman gives up the last of her modesty for you in her first ever – maybe her last? – nude modeling experience. She’s smart, friendly, pretty, …