Bonnie has so much to tell us about her activities that we’ll be running her segments over a full six days. Off comes the jacket and you can see that skin-tight leotard, her low-riding pants. Boots, socks, we work slowly through her garments. Her family is from Hong Kong and China. The flimsy white shirt. She is very shapely. It’s almost like she doesn’t realize her hips are bare already.

What’s going on in Manitoba? North of North Dakota, this Canadian province raised this week’s guest, Bonnie. She’s a musician and artist, two years in New York, and can’t wait to share with us. As you can see, there’s a fascinating leotard we’ll have to deal with. “Do you want me to show you?” Whoa, not yet.

One hand carefully cupping her breasts, Madison admits she’s always been “a bit apprehensive about anything nude,” although “this isn’t as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be.” She does seems a little nervous, though, she she steps out her panties, and–in this long segment–talks about her future plans. She has an instinct to cover her nudity, but we invite her to open her arms.

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Finally down to her bra and pants, we see Madison’s slender waist. She gets attention when she dresses in a bikini for the beach, but she’s used to it. Although she’s done swimsuit modeling, Slow Exposure is a completely new challenge for her. She turns away, and slowly starts to unfasten her bra.

Madison: Day Three

We’re taking it slowly with Madison, as she’s lightly dressed to start with. But those pull-down shorts need to go today, revealing some almost-sheer black underwear. You’ll enjoy seeing her turn around, before she tells us about her hobbies–writing, running, …


Madison: Day Two

Enjoy Madison’s legs–she’s proud of them, although she dreads the blown-skirt situation. “I’ve seen it happen to a ton of people.” It happened to her…once.


Madison: Day One

Breathtaking in glittery hot pants and headband, Madison is a finance/politics student, wants to be in news media, and has never done anything like this before–although she’s done some swimsuit modeling, and it’s easy to see why.


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