As Roggie strips off her shirt, we see her beautiful breasts, and notice that she is more lightly tattooed than we expected. A few piercings here and there, but as her panties come off she insists she isn’t getting pierced down there.

This fascinating woman, fully nude in the video gallery right now.

This un-shy young woman has many strings to her bow. In addition to alt-modeling and adult movie work, wouldn’t you know she’s a burlesque performer too? Tell us about that. “Take my shirt off?”

Roggie tells us about working as an alt-model, and how she got into adult cinema (“I’m good at it.”) Then she peels off those tight jeans to show perfect legs, with just some light (and gorgeous) tattooing. Because she’s not wearing a bra, there are some interesting glimpses down her vest.

A bit of a departure from our usual run of models. Roggie’s finely chiseled features and slender beauty hardly prepare you for a little surprise about what she does for a living.

Veronica in the Video Gallery

Veronica admits she’s been topless on the beach, so we ask her to be topless here too. She tries to shield her lovely breasts, but you can see the edge of a nipple. Finally she steps out of her underwear …


Veronica: Day Four

She really thinks that underwear isn’t sexual? Okay. Her shirt comes off, and her bra is quite revealing too. Since we’re talking about dancing, we have her stand up and dance a little samba for us. What happens next?


Veronica: Day Three

Beautiful brown eyes, and the curl of hair across her forehead. How can we wait for the next exposure? She unfastens her jeans to show very sheer panties; then pushes them down without being asked, and we see her long …


Veronica: Day Two

She’s only been in New York for five months, and she talks about the pressures on young women to look good, as…oops…she casually flashes her navel a couple of times.


Veronica: Day One

Let’s get back to work, exploring the story and beauty of Veronica, fresh in New York from Colombia; a graphic designer and ready for a challenge.


Women of December: Kaylee

Magnificent, bold, Amazonian, superbly-endowed Kaylee leads the charge of the women of December.