A smile, blonde hair and curves will get you places. Including into the Slow Exposure video gallery: right now.

Here they come as the video gallery rotates–including one of our all-time favorites, glorious Sieko.

Kaylee sits smiling, her beautiful chest fully exposed, and talks about her future dreams. Interestingly, she’d like to spend some time living in Asia (how much attention would she get there?). Then it’s time to lose the underpants, and share everything with us.

Everything: in the video gallery.

Kaylee: Day Four


The dress off, Kaylee is still contained by her large bra. But not for long. She drops it, wrestles with her arms to cover her breasts (not very successfully), and tells us about being a late developer. In the video …


Kaylee: Day Three

Despite her stature, Kaylee stays in shape. She puts this down to past involvement in track and volleyball, plus a lot of walking and dancing. Reaching up under her dress, she slides the decorative tights off. As for bikini tops, …


Kaylee: Day Two

Kaylee talks us through what she’s wearing today, and explains that she doesn’t like to wear jewelry because she likes her face and personality to shine through. An interesting view as she bends to take her shoes off. “I don’t …


Kaylee: Day One

Magnificent Kaylee is a Los Angeles import. She’s been in New York for two years. She came to follow her dream of stage acting. She tops 6′…and that’s without heels. With heels, she gets a lot of attention.


Mandy (Afro) in the Video Gallery


Mandy looks so happy and stripy in her smallest garments, but they have to go. First, she rolls the top over her head, but then uses her hands to cover her nipples. Working at the club, she tries to avoid …


Mandy (Afro): Day Four

Getting to the truth today. We’ve been dying to see those legs which Mandy shows at the club, in mini-dresses and split skirts, but right now has encased in jeans. They come off, and the way she fills the thong …