“Hi, I’m Ayesha, I’m from New Jersey, and what else do you want to know?” Is it your first time doing anything like this? Smiles, and dimples: “Yes.”

Need something to do this weekend? How about cruising through ten episodes of hilarious, hot strip-Twister with two of our favorite women?

She’s a gymnast, and she’s full of tricks: and you are not going to believe her body. Six clips of Selena, in the video gallery this month.

You see a lovely woman on the street or the subway. Here you see her nude: in the video gallery, right now.

Women of September: Tracey

A voice like golden syrup, and a strong, toned body. Six episodes of Tracey in the video gallery right now.


Women of September: Stephanie

Enjoy all five episodes, with voluptuous Stephanie getting naked, in the video gallery right now.


Michelle: Day Five


Michelle has a wonderful face and smile, but we can’t help being distracted by her full, poised breasts. Then her panties come down. Quite a journey for this young woman, who grabs for her clothes as soon as we’re done.


Michelle: Day Four


A tense moment as Michelle peels off her close fitting undergarment: her panties almost come down with it–but she recovers. And then she tells us she doesn’t like her stomach, so she doesn’t wear bikinis at the beach. Everything looks …


Michelle: Day Three

Her dress shrugged off, Michelle reveals another layer of clothes over her underwear, so we have her pull down her little red shorts. She does have a boyfriend. “Does he know you’re doing this?” “Yeah.” “What does he think?” “He …


Michelle: Day Two

Pretty Michelle’s zipper is straining to contain her chest, so we ask her to release the tension a little by tugging it down. It’s surprising how much that reveals.