All that’s left is this tall, lovely young woman’s skimpy thong. We start with a wonderful view of it sliding down her long legs. She places her hands back over her breasts, for some reason, but doesn’t cover her sex. In a moment, she’s fully naked, looking great, looking comfortable – although as we say goodbye, she can’t wait to make a grab for her underwear and start covering up again.


“He was like, ‘Hey, Dee, you’re nipple’s out.'” Another story, told with a beautiful smile, and it’s time for us to see what has been struggling to escape from her pink bra. Is that a nipple ring? Yes it is. Asked if she could imagine doing this in front of a live audience, “Yes, actually I would love that.” We love it too.

Her thong, the base of her lean stomach, her endless legs. Where next? She has the height and grace for modeling, so we talk about that a little, just filling in time before that jacket needs to come down. The zipper is pulled right down, showing her navel. We get a close up – she used to have some decoration there. And as we look closely – oops – we see something else we shouldn’t. Adjust!

You have to know our whole mission today is to see those legs. How long can they be? We build up slowly with a story about her skirt blowing up on 125th Street. Oops, no underwear. What a sight. We peep through the holes in her jeans, peek at her flat stomach (just raise your arms) and finally have her slide the pants down, then turn slowly around in her lacy white thong.

Dee: Day One

We saw a photo of Dee’s face before we invited her to come in and slowly expose herself, but nothing prepared us for this 5’11 vision of loveliness, long-limbed with a radiant smile. Part Trinidadian by birth, Dee is a …


Damiana: Day Five

Damiana says she could probably do a topless scene if she was an actress, but right now we are interested in coaxing her to be bottomless. She tugs the g-string down, and kicks it off her feet. Her hands cover …


Damiana: Day Four

Today enjoy how she looks in a black thong when she does a slow turnaround. And then the top comes off. Clasp those hands close!


Damiana: Day Two

Learn a little more about Damiana today as she tells us about martial arts while unfastening and unzipping her jeans. What is that lovely tattoo on her stomach? That’s a tiny jewel on her lip, by the way, a subtle …


Damiana: Day One

Hello Damiana. Sweater and jeans against the cold, snowy weather, you can already see what a great figure Damiana has. Born in the Bronx, she has lived around different boros and is currently upstate working some part-time jobs. And is …


Eliza: Day Four

We start out with some slight aureola slips, and Eliza has to adjust her bra. Then we talk about what she does for fun. What she does for us is take the bra off. In the video gallery.