Members are seeing Melany’s full clip: undressing, stretching, nude: in the video gallery now.

Available in the video gallery today: the full clip of Melany.

This week on Slow Exposure, behind the scenes with wonderful Melany. The full length clip appears in the video gallery tomorrow.

Something different this week on Slow Exposure. A college athlete as you’ve never seen her before. Melany: intimate.

The full-length clip will be available from Wednesday in the video gallery.

Pamela: Day Five

Would Pamela’s friends be surprised she’s doing this? “Oh, no.” Pants down, we ask her to show us everything and predict her future. All of Pamela–in the video gallery.


Pamela: Day Four

The first order of business is to get Pamela out of her pants–and she turns out to have another layer under them. The conversation drifts to beaches, bikinis, and toplessness, and to illustrate, we ask her to remove her bra. …


Pamela: Day Three

In a longer segment today, we find out what Pamela thinks of living in New York (“I’m getting used to it.”) and what she does for fun (movies, reading, practicing her English). And we start to unpeel her tops.


Pamela: Day Two

We talk about Pamela’s video art practice today and how she uses her body is a non-sexual way in the works–but she hasn’t revealed herself on camera before.


Pamela: Day One

Meet pretty Pamela, shy behind her scarf and glasses. She’s a painter, or at least that’s what she wants to be: she’s also working as an “assistant,” having finished up art school. And she has never done anything like this …


Please Don’t Miss This

Among the 30 models currently removing every stitch of clothing in our video gallery–amateurs, first-timers, shy and bold–you’ll find the classic beauty of Stephanie: blonde and curvy.